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Star Trek Enterprise the adventures continues... has been made by fans of Star Trek Enterprise that wish the series would make a season five and beyond. This website will help us to get Star Trek Enterprise back. 

Star Trek: Enterprise is the fifth live-action TV series set in the Star Trek universe and the sixth in total. Created by Rick Berman and Brannon Braga, and based upon Gene Roddenberry's classic 1966 Star Trek, Enterprise was a "prequel", set before the time of Kirk and Spock. The series followed the voyages of the first starship Enterprise and mankind's first steps into the "final Frontier". Initially titled without the Star Trek Prefix, Enterprise ran an abbreviated four seasons. The series debuted in 2001 on the United Paramount Network. Cancellation of the series occurred in 2005. 

Launched in the year 2151, the NX-class starship Enterprise, (the first of United Earth's advanced warp five vessels) was at first on temporary assignment. Though years of preparation still lay ahead, the ship was unexpectedly put into service when a Klingon national crash-landed on Earth, putting the entire planet at stake should he not make it back to his people.  Under the command of United Starfleet Captain Jonathan Archer, son of the famed scientist Henry Archer, the crew of Enterprise succeeded in their mission, but found themselves surrounded by deeper mysteries. Warranting the extension of their assignment into a full-blown mission of deep exploration, the crew of the Enterprise set off into the unknown, taking with them a Vulcan science officer (or chaperone) named T'Pol and Denobulan doctor named Phlox.


The Refit of the NX-01 Enterprise. 


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